If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at:


If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at:
Why ASK FOR ADVICE at ArchitecTo-Go?

You will get a precise professional answer at a very low cost, no hassle, and directly into your computer, tablet or phone. We help you form your own criteria about any issue before hiring a local professional to do the job.

What are the necessary steps to obtain a solution?

Ask ArchitecTo-Go for an idea and evaluate it. Try it, ask yourself if the solution provided is what you really want or need. If you are not satisfied, ask again. Ask for another idea. You are ready to obtain a well-founded solution when your desires and your criteria are paired. After that, take this sketch to an architect of your choice. He will develop all the necessary plans and calculations.

How do I choose my type of ON LINE Consultation?

Please read definitions of each type of Consultation and then choose the size (scale) of the space you want to inquire about. See Design Scales in Glossary.

Can I build ArchitecTo-Go Design Concepts?

OF COURSE! Each delivered design is feasible and doable. It depends on the veracity of the information provided. Our team is responsible for all designs but they only are concepts that need to be further developed by locally licensed professionals.

What if I don’t like what ArchitecTo-Go proposes?

Our relationship ends if you don’t accept our proposal. It’s a calculated risk and there will be no reimbursement. Very much like attending to a medical Doctor.

HOW does ArchitecTo-Go know WHAT I want?

You are an active participant when you specify requirements. We will ask you about many details after the initial order. We need these details in order to have a clear picture of the environment surrounding the object of your inquiry.


You will receive one or more sheets of paper with solutions to the question made. This answer is normally a scaled drawing with the necessary indications to solve your inquiry. Usually, it’s a 8.5” x 11” paper that can be printed in a house printer.

Is it easy to pay for the inquiry?

Yes, you can pay us through Paypal or by direct deposit in our USA bank. We will issue an receipt with the specifics of your consultation.

Can I hire a professional by the hour?

Certainly. Previously paid Fees are $100/hour plus travelling expenses.

Can architecto-go develop a full scaled architectural project?

This web site offers Design Concepts that can be developed later on. Every city, town, state and country has unique building codes and it is impossible to legally satisfy all of them.

If some words or terms confuse you, check our glossary.

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