I need to know what can I do before I purchase this Condo. Please show me if I can fit a study, a guest room and an additional small service room.

After studying the original layout, we prepared two designs. Both of them leave social areas, kitchen and main bedroom in the same place because they open to the terrace and main views. We only worked on the inside areas in order to accommodate what our client wanted. Both designs completely change the main bathroom and walk in closet.

Option 1 includes a small studio open to the terrace and a small service area that can be used for sleeping but is not a very comfortable space. We located the guest room where the original walk-in closet was and totally redesigned the main bathroom with a new walk in closet.

Option 2 does not include a service room. All the extra space is used for a big guest room and locates the studio at the old walk in closet.

After studying these designs, our client mixed both options and hired us for a second time. We gave her a third concept that located the studio besides the living room and the guest room where the walk in closet was. After this, she hired a local architect that developed the appropriate blueprints and took care of the construction.


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